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Welcome to curating coziness!

I'm happy to welcome you to curating coziness —the coziest corner of the internet. If you're a fellow lover of all things warm and comforting, then you and I have one thing in common. This space is where we celebrate the art of coziness in every aspect of our lives, from home decor to mouthwatering recipes and everything in between.

A little about me - I was born and raised in Georgia, currently work full-time in IT, and I have a fiance and two cats, Poppi and Otis! Any time I am not working, I love film photography, reading, going on walks, and playing on my Switch - really, curled up on the couch lost in an imaginary world is where I love to be.

This is just the beginning of our cozy adventure! Let's embark on this journey together, creating a world where coziness knows no bounds.

Thank you for being here!



Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Hey there! I launched this blog as a passion project to share my tips and tricks for achieving utmost coziness in every aspect of life. Join me on this journey!

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